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Applicants have to apply for a “UK Student Visa” online using the British Government’s official website. Then they need to provide the biometric to the visa application center after taking an appointment. The applicant will have to attend a visa interview during the application process in the application center. Upon receiving approval from the Immigration department of the UK, the applicant will be notified for passport collection.

UK student visa is required when a student wished to study in UK for long term and short term. For an multiple entry, visa validity is determined on the basis of the programme /Course duration.

Why study in The UK

• Studying in the UK means studying at a world-renowned institution. • The UK is a tolerant, multicultural country. • UK universities are known for the wide range of degrees they offer in subjects as diverse as Art and Design, Business and Management, and Media Studies.

• In the UK, you can usually complete an undergraduate degree in 3 years if you study full time. A master’s degree usually takes 1 year. • International students are legally allowed to work on campus. An international student can work for 20 hours a week on campus.

• The United Kingdom has the National Health Service, which means if you are studying in the UK for 6 months or more you are able to access healthcare completely free of charge. • Studying in the UK means studying at a world-renowned institution.

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