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Saudi Arabia E-Visa processing manuals:

In a bid to facilitate travel and strengthen bilateral ties, Saudi Arabia has introduced the electronic visa (E-Visa) issuance for Bangladeshi citizens. This digital alternative to traditional visa applications simplifies the process and enhances accessibility. Below, we delve into the step-by-step guide to secure your Saudi Arabia E-Visa seamlessly.


1. Initiate the Application on the Online Portal:
To embark on the journey of obtaining a Saudi Arabia E-Visa, the initial step is to create an account on the official online application portal. This platform serves as the gateway to your E-Visa process. During account creation, your email verification is essential to proceed further.


2. Embark on the Online Application Process:
With your verified email ID, the online application process can commence. First and foremost, you must fill out the visa application form, a pivotal stage in your E-Visa quest. Here, the selection of the visa category requires meticulous attention. Each category carries specific information criteria, making a prudent selection imperative.


3. Accurate Completion of Visa Application Form:
The visa application form demands your utmost precision. A single misstep can result in visa rejection. Therefore, take your time to ensure every field is accurately filled. As part of this process, you are also required to upload your recent applicant photograph, a significant component of your application.


4. Inclusion of Mandatory Insurance Service:
As part of Saudi Arabia's visa requirements, securing an insurance service is mandatory. This safeguard ensures that travelers are adequately covered during their stay. The online portal offers a range of insurance categories to choose from, catering to different preferences and needs.


5. Financial Settlement and Application Submission:
Upon selecting the insurance that aligns with your requirements, the subsequent step is the financial settlement. This encompasses the payment of visa fees, insurance charges, and application form costs. These payments can be conveniently made through Debit or Credit cards, streamlining the financial aspect of your application.


6. Printing and Signing of Application Form:
After completing the financial transaction, it's time to generate a tangible record of your application. The application form should be printed in color, ensuring clarity of all information. A crucial final touch is the affixing of your signature, mirroring the details in your passport.


7. Document Submission at Visa Application Center:
With your comprehensively prepared application form and other requisite documents, it's time to visit the visa application center. Organize all necessary documents in advance, and if any of these documents are in Bangla, ensure their translation into English. This step demonstrates your commitment to a smooth application process.


8. Await the Visa Decision and Notification:
Once the relevant authorities review your application, you will receive an email notification regarding the visa decision. This correspondence provides clarity on the outcome of your E-Visa request. If your application is approved, the E-Visa copy will also be sent to your email.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia's introduction of E-Visa issuance for Bangladeshi citizens streamlines the travel process and fosters enhanced connectivity between the two nations. By adhering to the outlined steps, you can navigate the application process with confidence, ensuring a higher likelihood of a successful E-Visa approval.


Visa Availability for Bangladeshi Citizens:
Sticker Visa

Yes (For all kinds of passport holders).

Stamp Visa



Yes (For all kinds of passport holders).

Visa Exemption


On Arrival



File Submission Method:
In Person Submission


Authorized Person Submission

Not Accepted.

Submission Through Courier Service

Not Accepted.

Submission in Embassy

Not Accepted.

Submission in VAC


N:B: In-person submission and biometrics are mandatory for all Bangladeshi citizens.


There is various type of visas for Bangladeshi citizens.

Business Visa.


Diplomatic Visa.


Escort Visa.


Event Visa.


Extend Return Visa.


Family Visits Visa.


Government Visa.


Hajj Visa.


Medical Visa.


Mission and Organization visa.


Personal Visit Visa.


Premium Residency Visa.


Resident Visa.


Seasonal Work Visa.


Special Visa.


Temporary Work Visa.


Tourism Visa.


Transit Visa.


Transport of Goods Visa.


Umrah Visa.


Work Visa.


The Embassy's visa application center's address and primary contact are provided below.


Saudi Arabia Visa Application Centre
Jamuna Future Park,
KA-244, Kuril, Progoti Shoroni,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: (+88) 0088029858880,

Tourist Visa:

A tourist visa is an official document or stamp that authorizes an individual to enter a foreign country for the purpose of leisure and tourism.

Passport: The applicant needs to submit an original Passport that was issued within 10 years. The passport must have six months of validity after the intended date of departure. The applicant’s current passport must have two empty/blank pages back to back. Hand-written and alternation are not allowed. Clear photocopy of the front page to the last page. If the applicant used any pages before then he/she needs to submit those pages clear copy also. If the applicant has an old passport, he/she have to include that.

Recently taken two passport-size photos (3.5mm X 4.5mm) that need to submit. Photo should be taken recently with applicant frontal-view and untouched with white background. Wearing glass is not allowed when taking photos but prescription eyewear is allowed.

Visa Application Form:

A Visa Application form must be filled in online with all the proper information. Kindly fill out the online application form carefully.

Cover Letter: A personal letter from the applicant including personal details, the purpose of the visit, and outlining who will be responsible for the full costs of the trip. The letter should be addressed to – The Visa Office and signed by the applicant. The letter should be addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Dhaka. The Visa category must be mentioned in the subject line.
Forwarding Letter: A letter from the employer’s office such as a NOC/LOI letter on the organization’s letterhead pad stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, applicant purpose, and assigned roles during the visit, duration of the visit, contact details, and other necessary details.
Office ID Card: Copies of the office id card/visiting card need to submit (3 copies).
Travel Health Insurance:

Travel health insurance/medical insurance covers the full time of an applicant's intended visit.

Marriage Certificate:

Applicants need an original copy of the marriage certificate if he/she is married. The certificate must be translated into the English language and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Children Birth Certificate:

Applicants need to submit their children's birth certificates at the embassy. The birth certificate must be translated from a registered translation centre and attested by the ministry of foreign affairs in Bangladesh.

Personal ITR Certificate: Applicant must submit his/her last 3 years income tax return certificate.
Personal Bank Statements: The applicant must submit his/her personal bank statement for the last six months. He/She also needs to mention the Bank’s name and telephone number with an authorized bank stamp and signature.
Plan of The Tour: Applicants need to submit all of his/her tour plans. How many days he/she will stay, which place he/she will go to and all other’s things.
Airline Ticket Itinerary: A reserved itinerary for the applicant’s airline ticket as per the schedule of the trip and return from the trip.
Hotel Reservation: A reserved itinerary for the applicant’s accommodation. He/She needs to mention the hotel or resort as per the schedule of the trip.

Payment Receipt: Applicant visa fee payment receipt submission is mandatory to get a visa from Bangladesh.


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