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How to Obtain a Schengen Visa for Hungary: A Comprehensive Guide


Do you have any plans to travel to one of the stunning Schengen States, Hungary? Understanding the Schengen visa application procedure is crucial for a trouble-free trip. In this article, we'll show you exactly how to get a Schengen visa for Hungary, along with helpful advice and necessary qualifications.


1. Understanding the Schengen Visa:
You are able to travel throughout any of the 27 Schengen States if you have a Schengen visa. It's crucial to remember that you must enter and leave the country through which you requested the visa. Hungary is one of the 27 Schengen States, so you must apply for a Schengen visa at the embassy representing your primary travel destination.


2. Short-term Visas for Hungarian Travel:
Schengen visas with a six-month maximum stay are categorized as short-term visas for Hungary for nationals of Bangladesh. It is important to note that Hungary has a consulate presence in Dhaka. Instead, the Hungary Schengen visas are handled by the Switzerland visa application center in Dhaka, which also processes the visa applications for short-term visas on behalf of Hungary.


3. Applying for a Hungary Visa:
The applicant must first choose the proper visa category before beginning the application procedure for a visa to Hungary. It is vital to arrange all the appropriate documents once the visa category has been decided. It's vital to remember that if any of the submitted documents are not in English, the applicant must include translations for each of them.


4. Online Application:
When the required documentation is ready, the applicant should use the Switzerland online application portal to complete the visa application form. It is essential to carefully fill out the application form and make sure all of the information supplied is accurate. Any fabricated or inaccurate information might result in a visa being denied. A printed copy of the application form should be requested when the form has been filled out and submitted electronically.


5. Document Submission and Biometric Enrollment:
The next step is to make an appointment at the visa application center for document submission and biometric enrollment when the application form has been completed. The contact details are provided below for your convenience and can be used to call or email to confirm the appointment.

The candidate must provide all necessary paperwork to the application center. For all required documents, it is suggested to carry two sets of copies—one set of photocopies and the other set of original copies.


6. Long-term Visas for Hungary:
For those seeking a long-term visa for Hungary, the applicant must book an appointment at the Hungarian embassy in India. Once the appointment is confirmed, the applicant will receive confirmation from the Hungary consular office in Bangladesh. The applicant should then submit the required documents in person at the consular office.


7. Collecting the Visa:
The applicant may pick up the passport in person from the embassy once the visa decision has been finalized. This last step makes sure that you have all the required paperwork and are prepared to travel to Hungary.

Visa availability for Bangladeshi citizens:

Sticker Visa Yes (For all kinds of passport holders).
Stamp Visa N/A
E-Visa N/A
Visa Exemption N/A
On Arrival N/A



File submission method:

In-person submission Mandatory.
Authorize person submission N/A
Submission through courier service N/A
Submission in Embassy N/A
Submission in VAC Mandatory.



Hungary issues two types of visas for Bangladeshi citizens.

1. Short-Term (C-Type)

2. Long-Term (D-Type)


There are various short-term and long-term visas.


Short-Term (C-Type):

01 Business Visa.
02 Tourism Visa.
03 Visitor Visa.
04 Medical Treatment Visa.


Long-Term (D-Type):

01 Work/Employment Visa.
03 Study Visa.

The Embassy’s address and primary contact details are provided below.


Embassy of Switzerland in Dhaka

Bays Edgewater, Plot No. 12
North Avenue, 8th Floor, Gulshan 2,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +880 255 051 601
Fax: +880 255 051 614
Email: (General Information), (Visa) 
Opening Hours: Sunday to Wednesday (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM) (Visa Application).



Embassy of Hungary, New Delhi

2/50-M Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110-021
Phone: +91 11 2688 1135
Fax: +91 11 2688 6749

Note: Please call our hotline Number 01711927919 or mail us at


Eligibility to Apply for Visa

Basic Eligibility

Any Bangladeshi Nationals are Eligible to Apply for Hungary Tourist Visa (having a valid MRP / E-Passport with at least 6 months validity) subject to provide some required Documents.
Also Applicant should,
• be a genuine visitor
• have enough funds to support his/her stay and leave

Processing Time

10 to 15 Working Days

Documents Requirements

Validity minimum three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa.
a. At least two free “visa pages”
b. Previous passport if applicable
c. Valid Bangladesh residence permit for non-Bangladeshi applicants (valid at least three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa / intended end of journey).
Photo Specification
a. Should not be older than 6 months.
b. A frontal view of the face covering 70-80% (32mm X 26mm) of the biometric photo.
c. A uniform and white background.
Do not glue or staple the pictures to the application form.
Cover Letter and Tour Plan
A personal letter from the applicant covering personal details, the purpose of the visit, and outlining who will be responsible for the full costs of the trip. The accommodation details need to included. The travel Itinerary and places has to be mentioned.
Applicants / Sponsors Proof of Occupation and Identity
*Office ID Card/Visiting Card
*Company Letter Pad : A letter from your employer on company letterhead, with contact details, stating that a leave of absence has been granted, the purpose and duration of the trip, and that you will be returning to your current job (if you are a job holder).
*Salary slips for the last 6 months
*Valid Passport, NID, Photo, and Birth certificate.
Applicants / Sponsors Financial Documents
*Personal Bank Statement of the last 6 months & Bank Solvency certificate.
*TIN certificate
*Income Tax certificate (Last 2 years), Tax Return (ITR)
Proof of civil status
Marriage Certificate – if married (also Nikah Nama both in Bangla and English, for Muslim marriage in
A4 size Photocopy)
A. Divorce certificate (“talak namah”) – if applicable
B. Death Certificate – if applicable
C. Birth Certificate of your children –if applicable
Additional Documents
For minors below the age of 18 (if applicable)– proving legal parenthood:
a. copy of either birth certificate/proof of adoption/custody decree in case parents are divorced.
b. If applicable – death certificate of parent (English translation is required)
c. “Letter of consent” from a legal guardian, including his/her passport copy – legalized by a notary public
(only required in cases the legal guardian is not present during the visa appointment)
Travel Insurance
Insurance must be valid for the whole Schengen area. The Insurance must cover the repatriation costs up to 30,000 Euros. The Insurance must fully cover the whole period of stay within the Schengen area.
*The conditions must be stated either on the insurance document or on a separate confirmation letter.
Flight and hotel reservation
Valid round trip Air Ticket confirmation and Hotel confirmation for the whole duration of the stay, or other documents proving accommodation is required.
Invitation Letter (If Any)
An original copy of Invitation letter from company/ Organization or Friends and Family with evidence.
NOC from the applicant’s company authority on the company’s letterhead stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, and duration of the visa.
**The NOC letter is highly important for your Schengen visa application.(Pay slips should be included in it.