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HONG KONG Tourist Visa

For Hong Kong, VCBD doesn't provide any services.

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China issues limited kinds of visas in Hong Kong for Bangladeshi citizens. So if Bangladeshi citizens want a Hong Kong visa then the applicant needs to submit a visa application form to the Embassy of China in Dhaka, Bangladesh to get a Hong Kong visa from Bangladesh.

But, if you have the documents mentioned in the checklist, VISAThing will provide you the Processing / Logistics support/ Visa consultancy to have your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable).

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Dhaka

Plot 2&4, Embassy Road Block-1,
Baridhara, Dhaka
Phone: +88 02 882 4862, +88 02 9586064, +88 02 222260103 (Visa Inquiry- 3:00 to 5:00)
Fax: +88 02 8823004
Email:, (Visa) 
Office Hour: Sunday to Thursday (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

NB: You have to apply at the Immigration Office in Hong Kong to get a visa. An applicant may choose any of the below two processes:

Process 1: An applicant can submit a passport copy and all the necessary documents listed below at Dragon Airlines and pay the necessary fees. They will submit your application to Hong Kong Immigration Department for visa approval. Once the visa is approved, then the immigration will send a visa sticker to the applicant. Through that visa, an applicant can fly to Hong Kong.

Process 2: An applicant gets immigration approval through the Host Company or Tour Operators in Hong Kong. They need to apply on behalf of the applicant at the Immigration Department with the fee. The processing time is at least 35 days in both processes.

Note: Please call our hotline Number 01711927919 or mail us at


Eligibility to Apply for Visa

1Basic Eligibility

Any Bangladeshi Nationals are Eligible to Apply for Belgium Tourist Visa (having a valid MRP / E-Passport with at least 6 months validity) subject to provide some required Documents.
Also Applicant should,
• be a genuine visitor
• have enough funds to support his/her stay and leave

Processing Time

4 to 6 weeks are needed, but it might be delayed depending on the Immigration Department. It is advised to apply for the visa as soon as possible.

Documents Requirements

Application Form
Application for entry for study in Hong Kong (ID 995A)
must be filled and signed by the applicant.
A photocopy of your passport. The passport must have atleast six months of validity.
Offer Letter
A photocopy of your complete set of offer of admission. Either a conditional offer or a confirmed offer of admission is acceptable; conditional offer holders will be asked to submit a confirmed offer of admission when it is available.
Local Sponsor’s Proof of Occupation
a. Office ID card / Visiting Card
b. BMDC certificate or letter from hospital if the applicant is a Doctor,
c. A Bar Council Certificate or letter from a law firm if the applicant is a lawyer.
d. Salary accounts Bank Statement (preferably) / Pay Slip / Salary Certificate are required for service holders.
e. Trade license (original notarized English translation and photocopy of the original trade license required) for proprietorship business, Memorandum of Article for limited company if the applicant’s name is not mentioned in the trade license.
Photo Specification
The applicant’s recent photograph (affixed on page 2 of the application form ID 995A )
Sponsors Financial Documents
Documents showing that you have adequate means to finance your studies in Hong Kong (e.g. bank statement(s) within 3 months, award letters of financial aid or scholarship, etc.)
a) Company’s or Personal Bank Solvency and Statement.
b) Salary slip. (If Any)
c) Business Registration Certificate (If Any)
d) Tax Clearance Certificate and Receipt (Recent)
Financial Sponsor’s Bank Statement
A photocopy of the financial sponsor’s bank statement(s) within 3 months and/or income proof(s).
Financial Sponsor’s Passport
A photocopy of your financial sponsor’s passport.
CV or resume
A photocopy of your CV or resume
Financial Supporting Letter
A financial supporting letter with a handwritten signature from your sponsor.