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Greece Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens: A Comprehensive Guide


Greece, one of the 27 Schengen States, grants Bangladeshi nationals short-term visas. These visas, which have a three-month stay limit, are referred to as Schengen visas. Greece does have a consular office in Dhaka, but the Greece Visa Application Center handles all visa requests for Greece.


1. Selecting the Appropriate Visa Category and Document Requirements:
Candidates must first select the visa category that corresponds to their intended purpose of travel before beginning the Greece visa application procedure. It is essential to determine the application's supporting documentation requirements once the visa category has been chosen. The websites of the Greece Visa Application Center and VISAThing both offer thorough lists of the documents that are needed.


2. Document Preparation and Translation:
Applicants must carefully acquire and prepare the necessary documents after determining which ones are needed, following the list that is provided. Before submitting any documents that are not in English, they must be translated into English.


3. Completing the Greece Visa Application Form:
Filling out the Greece visa application form is the next step. By going to the website for the Greece Visa Application Portal, this procedure can be completed online. The application can be started by applicants by creating an account on their website.

The process for submitting a visa application for Greece is done online. The application form must be filled out online by applicants. It is of the utmost importance to use caution and double-check your answers when you fill out the form. The submission of false information could result in the rejection of the visa application. The form should be filled out completely, submitted online, and then printed out in color. The printed form must be brought to the visa application center together with the other required documents.


5. Booking an Appointment and Biometrics Submission and visa fee payment:
Applicants must make an appointment at the visa application center after completing the application form. The submission of biometric data and the remaining documents require this appointment. For all types of visas, the collection of biometric data is required. Visa fees must be paid in Euro by TT (Telegraphic Transfer) in the mentioned bank by the Embassy.


6. Long-Term Visa Application Process:
Long-term visas are also issued more easily thanks to the Greece Visa Application Center in Bangladesh. The long-term visa application process is the same as the short-term visa application process for Greece.


7. Passport Collection:
Applicants can pick up their passports in person from the visa application center once the decisions about their visas have been made. This offers a practical and safe way to get an authorized visa.


As a citizen of Bangladesh, you must carefully follow the application process in order to obtain a visa for Greece. Applicants can improve their chances of receiving a visa by choosing the proper visa category, acquiring the required paperwork, carefully filling out the application form, and setting up a time to submit their biometrics. After the visa decision is made, don't forget to personally pick up the passport from the visa application facility.


Eligibility to Apply for Visa

Basic Eligibility

Any Bangladeshi Nationals are Eligible to Apply for Greece Tourist Visa (having a valid MRP / E-Passport with at least 6 months validity) subject to provide some required Documents.
Also Applicant should,
• be a genuine visitor
• have enough funds to support his/her stay and leave

Processing Time

Total approximate processing time is 10 to 15 working days.

Documents Requirements

A valid passport that is original and at least Three / six months validity is essential. Moreover, the passport must have at least two blank pages.
Note: All previous passports and Visa’s are required (if any).
Photo Specification
A recent (6-month-old) two-color photo with a white background is necessary.
Photos format should be in ICAO standard (3.5 cm x 4 cm). The photograph should be printed on matt/semi-matt paper, and without border.
Cover Letter and Tour Plan
A personal letter from the applicant covering personal details, the purpose of the visit, and outlining who will be responsible for the full costs of the trip. The accommodation details also need to include.
Also in a tour plan applicants have to mention the travel Itinerary and places.
Applicants / Sponsors Proof of Occupation and Identity
*Office ID Card/Visiting Card
*Company Letter Pad : A letter from your employer on company letterhead, with contact details, stating that a leave of absence has been granted, the purpose and duration of the trip, and that you will be returning to your current job (if you are a job holder).
*Salary slips for the last 6 months
*Valid Passport, NID, Photo, and Birth certificate.
Applicants / Sponsors Financial Documents
*Personal Bank Statement of the last 6 months & Bank Solvency certificate.
*TIN certificate
*Income Tax certificate (Last 2 years), Tax Return (ITR
Documents related to civil status of the applicant
For married applicants: marriage certificate (e.g.“Nika Namah” for muslims or marriage act for
hindus, both translated in English)
For divorced applicants: divorce certificate (e.g. “Talak Namah” for muslims in English)
For widowers and widows: death certificate of the spouse in English
Required Documents for Minor Applicant
a. Consent of both parents or custodian if both parents are not travelling together.
b. Photocopy of passport of parents or legal guardian.
c. Proof of financial means of parents or legal guardian (see point 6).
d. Original birth certificate of the minor issued by the relevant authority.
e. The status of “legal guardian” must be proven by documents issued by the relevant Bangladeshi Courts
for minors
Forwarding Letter
NOC from the applicant’s company authority on the company’s letterhead stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, and duration of the visa.
**The NOC letter is highly important for your Schengen visa application.(Pay slips should be included in it.)
Travel Insurance
Insurance must be valid for the whole Schengen area. The Insurance must cover the repatriation costs up to 30,000 Euros. The Insurance must fully cover the whole period of stay within the Schengen area.
*The conditions must be stated either on the insurance document or on a separate confirmation letter.
Flight and hotel reservation
Valid round trip Air Ticket confirmation and Hotel confirmation for the whole duration of the stay, or other documents proving accommodation is required.
Invitation Letter (If Any)
An original copy of Invitation letter from company/ Organization or Friends and Family with evidence.